In the past few months, I’ve been experimenting a lot more with new makeup products, and I thought I’d share some of those products that have climbed their way up into my favorites. They have become staples in my makeup routine, even though – let’s be real – none of these are essential, but they sure do make me question a face without them on it.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

The IT Cosmetics CC cream definitely makes the cut for my newest favorite product discovery by far. I had never tried a CC cream before, let alone anything from the IT Cosmetics brand, but I am blown away by how impressed I am with both. I had really been on the hunt for that perfect base product for the summer months, something that is lightweight and natural-looking but still gives me the coverage I want (which is usually on the fuller side for me). I’ve heard non-stop talk about this “cult favorite,” so I decided to take the plunge and purchased the travel-size version to test it out and see if it would be something I liked. I rarely have actual emotional reactions to makeup products, but after I blended the CC cream onto my face, I was in some form of shock over how amazing my skin looked. This cream is full coverage but it made my skin look so natural and healthy at the same time – it wasn’t illuminating, but it made me look radiant from within. It blends so effortlessly that it really does look like “your skin but better.” I was also surprised at how matte it kept my combo/oily skin throughout the day, even though it didn’t necessarily claim to have that type of finish. Not to mention, it has SPF 50 and contains skincare benefits such as anti-aging. A makeup and skincare product in one? Yes please!

Marc Jacobs Omega Tantastic Bronzer

I’m going to preface this by saying this was quite a splurge for me. The Marc Jacobs Omega Tantastic Bronzer is a limited-edition bronzer from their line, but I’m really hoping they make it permanent because it is a godsend. The first thing I must address is the packaging. Marc Jacobs packaging always kills the game, but this product specifically is super-sized. You get so much more product than your typical bronzer – it could really last you forever. The product itself is such a smooth, silky, finely-milled powder that gives you a flawless, matte finish. And, of course, it smells like coconuts and all that is good in this world. What I also love about this (and something that is so important to me when finding a good bronzer) is that it’s not too cool or warm on my fair skin tone – it truly makes you look sun-kissed and that’s all a girl could ask for in a bronzer.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips

ColourPop is yet another brand I had never tried anything from before, and now that I have I’m a little bit upset at my past-self for not diving into it before. I decided to dip my toe into ColourPop with their Ultra Satin Lips first, because so many beauty gurus have raved about them and I’m always down to try new lip products and formulas. Let me tell you – the Ultra Satin Lip formula is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and it may be my new favorite formula. I’m a matte-lip kinda girl, but who wants their lips to feel dry all the time? No one, that’s who. The consistency of it is so creamy but not sticky, and it dries down matte but not all the way matte, so it’s comfortable to wear. I’m also very impressed with the wear time on this lip formula – it still stays on my lips and persists even when I’m drinking and eating. I’ve already purchased more colors of the Ultra Satin Lips and I’m definitely keen to try more of ColourPop’s products.  

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipsticks

The Tarte Color Splash Lipsticks from their Rainforest of the Sea line are neck-in-neck with the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips for my new favorite lip product. Ok, ok – it’s definitely a tie. I’ve never been much of a lipstick gal until I tried these ones from Tarte. Just in time for summer, the Color Splash lipstick formula is so creamy and hydrating, but extremely pigmented and long-lasting. They’ve been a staple in the finishing touches of my makeup routine for spring and summer because of how hydrated and healthy my lips feel when I wear them. Let’s not forget about the color range, either. They’ve got all kinds of nudes and pinks in this collection that scream my name, and even though they tend to look pretty similar, I can promise you each one is unique yet just as beautiful as the next. I’ve got my hands on a few already, but don’t be fooled into thinking that I won’t be getting any more – I can’t get enough of these.




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