Since spring has been in full swing recently, giving your wardrobe a thorough audit is the best way to kick-start your spring cleaning and refresh your wardrobe just in time for the warmer months. A wardrobe audit is more than just another decluttering session, it’s about reflecting on the current state of your wardrobe and…Read more A WARDROBE AUDIT


Embracing the practice of simplifying your wardrobe is not only an essential component of defining your personal style, but it also sets the foundation for you to be intentional in other areas of your life. Just with any other minimalist approach, it’s about removing the excess to make room for what’s truly valuable to us.…Read more WHY YOU SHOULD SIMPLIFY YOUR WARDROBE


As I’m well into my fourth month of my journey towards minimalism and curating a more meaningful life, I’ve pretty much gotten past the point of physical decluttering and have wandered into the uncharted territory of my mental clutter. And recently, the word “enough” has been floating around in my mind. Why do we tailor…Read more ENOUGH